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Maksim IB Newsletters
Maksim IB Updates (Aug 23 - Oct 20)
Maksim IB Updates (2003)

December 24 - Maksim-um Delight
December 22 - Maksim-izing The Thrill
December 19 - Energised By Maksim
December 9 - Meet Mat Maksim
December - Interview: Maksim Mrvica
October 1 - Crossover Charm
Variations Part I & II
August 13 - Video for Olympic Song released
July 31 - Croatian Pianist Composes Olympic Song
July 19 - Music video of Olympics' official song to be shot in Romania
July 18 - Maksim Mrvica ends his world tour in Dubrovnik's Quarry
April - Maksim Effect
April 23 - Maksim Overdrive
April 17 - To the Max
March 20 - Zvijezde Na "Zlatnom Glasu" :translation:
March 1 - Konsert Maksim Mrvica
World Class Concert Pianist, Maksim Mrvica, visits 5 Sushi Restaurant!
Date n/a - Moja Abeceda :translation on the same page:

Dec 11 - Buzz Music (Malaysia)
Dec 15 - Klasikal + Teknotronik = Maksim (Malaysia) :translation:
Dec 20 - Ella searching for Maksim clone (Malaysia)
Dec 20 - Sponsored by Christian Dior (Malaysia)
Dec 20 - Fame affecting Maksim's Family? (Malaysia)
Date n/a - The Star (Malaysia)

XI Rencontre Internationale Des Jeunes Pianistes