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Ella searching for Maksim clone
from HAI (20/12/2003), translated by Agent J.

Rock diva Ella is one of the most respected artistes in Malaysia. Despite almost two decades of showbiz, she is still able to defend her monumental popularity. Her fame has not gotten into her head though, as she has never been troublesome during interviews.

All through those two decades, the media has always been interested in Ella’s love life, and the question marks are still coming in full force. So long as the long-haired beauty remains single, the media and her fans will never cease to show interest.

Despite all that speculation, this melodious singer has been able to elude rumours. Just recently, Ella revealed to HAI magazine, that if she can find herself a man with Maksim’s characteristics, she will not hesitate to make him part of her life.

Hey, is Ella fed up of Malay or Asian guys and turning to Caucasians instead?

“No, that’s not what I meant. What I’m saying is, I’d fall or any guy with the piano player, Maksim’s wonderful nature. It’s not that I’m into Mat Sallehs. (Mat Salleh: Malaysian slang for Caucasians.)”

“Look at Maksim, he’s nice, sensible, friendly, and has a great sense of humour. He doesn’t go running after pretty girls and he loves and respects his wife very much. That’s what I’d like in my husband.”

“If a guy like that showed up, I wouldn’t mind. No problem. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find men like that these days.”

“I mean, take a look at the divorce rate, it’s really scary. If possible, I will try to prevent a divorce at all costs. It’s not that I have commitment phobia, it’s just that I believe a marriage should last forever.”

“Most importantly, my parents will have to approve. And of course, my parents would want a pious, open-minded son-in-law,” said Ella of her future husband.

Back to Maksim. Ella says that she had been able to meet up with the Croatian-born pianist a day before this photo shoot. Both artistes perform under the EMI label. According to Ella, Maksim has listened to her latest release, Symbiosis.

Maksim said he liked the Ella’s cover version of the traditional song, Ulik Mayang. He found the rhythm and musical composition of the song extremely fascinating.

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