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To the Max
from The Sun (17/4/2004), by S. Indra Sathiabalan

Maksim Mrvica, or simply known as Maksim, is the new crossover artiste to make it big globally. With his excellent showmanship, brooding dark looks and yes, obvious talent on the piano, Maksim has given life to old classics.

Gestures, Maksim’s debut album, featured Croatian music and became one of the fastest selling classical albums in Croatia, his home country. His performance of Dance of the Baroness caused a sensation and he ended up winning four Porin awards.

Soon after, he came to the attention of the musician and poet, Tonci Huljic, who put him in touch with Mel Bush, the man behind Vanessa Mae and Bond.

The result is crossover album The Piano Player which did well and featured the Flight of the Bumble Bee, Exodus, and a revised version of Dance of the Baroness.

Fans who enjoyed Maksim’s showcase here in December last year are probably eagerly anticipating his Maksim the Piano Player – Asian Tour 2004, Live in Malaysia concert which shall take place at Staduim Putra, Bukit Jalil, Kuala Lumpur on April 22 at 8pm.

During the teleconference interview, Maksim talked about his upcoming concert here and also about his next album.

Sun: Are you working on another album?
Maksim: Yes, I’ll be preparing for the next album after I finish my present tour. It will probably begin in Summer, after I hold some concerts in my country.

Sun: Would your next album be more pop, soft, or classical?
Maksim: The concept will be quite similar to the Piano Player. The production will go a little bit further and we’ll include more classical pieces. And probably my own classical pieces.

Sun: Can you tell us more about your concert here?
Maksim: It’s a The Piano Player tour and I will be performing with an orchestra from England. It would involve wall screening, lightings, strings and all that. In fact, the concert will feature a lot of lighting with different colours. It’s a crossover classical concert, and will probably be quite different from other concerts.

Sun: Have you heard any interesting music lately?
Maksim: I’ve been listening to this American band called Scissor Sisters, and they’re great. It is 1970s music, but with modern production style. It is quite different.

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