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Classical + Technotronic = Maksim
from I-Kon (15/12/2003), donated by Christina, translated by Agent J.

The appearance of Maksim Mrvica with his album, the Piano Player, attracts because of itís unique musical concept. Itís tracks are suitable for every occasion, from the fashion runway to grand black-tie events. I-Kon had the chance to meet Maksim, the very tall musician who dropped by at Kuala Lumpur recently.

I-Kon: Whatís your current promotional schedule?
Maksim: For the past four months, I have been visiting Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Phillipines, and Singapore. Iíve even visited some places twice!

I-Kon: How do you find the response to your new album so far?
Maksim: While it can be classified as ďclassicalĒ, young people like it too. Thatís because it fuses pop, technotronic, and house music.
Judging from the promotions in Asia, I believe many teens find the album fascinating, especially in Hong Kong where I was awarded a double platinum award.

I-Kon: So, whatís special about this album?
Maksim: My first album was based wholly on classical music and only marketed in Croatia. But my second album was a chance for me to experiment with electronic elements. Some of the tracks are modern compositions, while the classical ones have been modified with new techniques.

I-Kon: Youíre too busy. How do you find time to be with your wife, Ana?
Maksim: Six weeks ago, I managed a 2 day vacation, so I spent my time with Ana in our London home.

I-Kon: When did you start playing the piano?
Maksim: Since I was nine. Since that time on, classical music has been my heart and soul.

I-Kon: If you had to choose between performing in a studio, auditorium or concert, which would you prefer?
Maksim: Most definitely concert. Then I can show off my talent to the fullest. Besides, in concerts, I get to see more people and I get to see what their response really is like.

I-Kon: Whoís in charge of your public image? Does it suit your career as a piano player?
Maksim: I am. I guess itís been part of me for a long time. I do have a stylist, but he only appears when heís needed.

I-Kon: We hardly ever get to hear about the musical advancements in Croatia. Whatís the scene like?
Maksim: Itís pretty much like the rest of Europe. Itís very much influenced by American music, especially the pop genre. However, classical music is still very much alive among Croatian teens.

I-Kon: Do you always travel with the same pianos?
Maksim: Yes, I always make sure that one of my three pianos, that is: Yamaha, Fazioli or Steinway will be around so things will go smoothly.

I-Kon: What about a training schedule?
Maksim: I always practise for at least 2 hours a day. If thereís a concert coming up, sometimes I train up to 7 or 8 hours a day. Iíve hurt my hands before, so now Iím not allowed to stress them out.

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