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Fame affecting Family?
from HAI (20/12/2003), translated by Agent J.

Separations and divorces by celebrities arenít isolated incidents, especially for those who have just tasted fame. This phenomenon isnít just happening in the West, itís here too. (Ed: ďHereĒ refers to Malaysia.)

HAI has been able to catch up with Maksim for a short interview after the photo session on the 4th of December recently. So we asked the Croatian pianist how his fame has affected his family life ever since the release of his international debut.

For all we know, his new found fame might be encroaching on the private life of Maksim, or rather: Maksim Mrvica (which is the 28 year-old pianistís full name.)

ďIíve been together with my wife for 10 years, but we havenít any children. It isnít easy to raise a child as of now because Iím always traveling here and there, performing.Ē

ďAna, my wife, is from Croatia too. We are now based in London, England. She doesnít work though; she helps me manage my career.Ē

ďI understand that many marriages turn sour after one of the partners turn famous, but my popularity has not affected my family life, nor has it done anything to the relationship with my wife.Ē

"Maybe it's because we share a strong and healthy relationship. we are bonded by trust, so my popularity won't change anything." explained the 6 foot 4 inch tall gentleman.

Maksim has just visited Malaysia to promote his international debut album. This album is available in 50 countries worldwide. He is now making waves in Europe and soon, he intends to conquer the USA and Australia. He will come back to Asia in April for more concerts.

Just before this, Maksim has been in London and Italy. He and his wife will celebrate Christmas in Hong Kong, where he will be performing.

Popular songs from his album, the Piano Player, include the Flight of the Bumble Bee and Exodus. This is not his first album though; Maksim had previously released an album called Gestures, which is only available in his homeland.

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