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Stars on Golden Voice

Donated and translated by AL. Dated 20th March, 2004. Read the original.

The first section of the Golden Record awards went by in a lively tone! It was really fun backstage, because the performers were mostly relaxed and in a good mood. Most of them were having fun chatting in front of numerous reporters, who were following their every step and recording their every move. However, some did not appear in front of the cameras.

Informally, Maksim was with his wife, Ana, who gave him a kiss of support before he went onstage. From her, we had found out that they will be flying to London at 7.00 am where Maksim is starting with his preparations for Asia tour. His wife also says that he is very popular in Asia, where people ask him for autograph, while he is not that popular in London.

On the question, "How do you spend your days in London?" Ana answered, "We live in the centre of London, although we plan to move a somewhat quieter part of the town. At the start it was rather difficult, but now it is OK. When I'm not spending time with Maksim, I would be making plans for his clothes and public image". That is what Ana told us...

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