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World Class Concert Pianist, Maksim Mrvica, visits 5 Sushi Restaurant!
By Audrey Fong, owner of 5 Sushi & ardent fan of Maksim

I do not know about you, but I am suffering from Maksim withdrawal. Maksim Mrvica, the greatest techno-classical pianist alive had come to Singapore, and gone. I keep hearing his music in my head, and cannot stop staring at the pictures that we have taken together. Whatever has happened to me??

It all happened one great night not so long ago...
5 Sushi Restaurant had the honour and privilege to host Maksim and his entourage as dinner guests on 23 April 2004, the eve of Maksim's concert in Singapore.

Maksim arrived at 9pm with his entourage of 12 musicians and production experts. The whole group was really hungry. We were so thrilled to serve Maksim & his entourage the following signature dishes:

  • An assortment of the best Sushi & Sashimi (Maksim said "Yum!")
  • Deep fried Lemon Grass wrapped with Fish (Maksim said "Interesting!")
  • Wasabi Lobster on a bed of fragrant Butter Oats (specially created for Maksim & Ana)
  • Succulent Hotate (Japanese Scallop) & Prawn Teriyaki
  • Golden Gindara (Cod Fish)
  • Crispy Fried Salmon
  • Special Tonkatsu (Fried Pork) - Maksim's order, and he was all smiles when served
  • Miso Soup (made from imported miso beans)
  • Macha Ice Cream with Red Beans from Japan
  • Loads of warm premium Sake, Umeshu (Plum Wine), Asahi & Tiger Beers
  • Verdict:
    Lovely! Wonderful! Superb! Delicious! We ate so much! Thank you for a great meal! - were some of the praises from our appreciative guests.

    Note: The article and pictures are copyrighted to Audrey Fong (Singapore.) If you wish to download or reproduce them, please write to Audrey for permission and high resolution versions, where applicable.