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Young Croatian Pianist wins first prize at International Contest in France
by Barry Marjanovich

ZAGREB, Croatia, March 12 2001(Hina) - A young Croatian pianist, Maksim Mrvica, won the first prize at the 11th international competition of young musicians in the French city of Pontoise.

The event called "XI Rencontre Internationale Des Jeunes Pianistes", which was held last Saturday, received over 60 applications of young performers. On Saturday Mrvica and another three pianists took part at the finals of the event.

Thanks to the vote of the public, Mrvica was given the first prize, read a statement issued by the Croatian embassy in Paris on Monday.

In 1999 the Croatian pianist received his first prize in France at the Nicolai Rubinstein contest at which he was also proclaimed to be the best performer.

Note: this is an old article cronicling Maksim's win in the 2001 Pontoise Piano Competition (France). Source has been deleted and this is the only copy on the internet. Please link back if you get it off the Maksim Investigation Bureau. And remind others to link back too. It's all about ethics, really.