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Sponsored by Christian Dior
from HAI (20/12/2003), translated by Agent J.

From the way this piano player looks, he’s definitely not your average classical pianist, the neatly-clad, tuxedo-wearing type.

Maksim prefers jeans and sleeveless tops or shirts unbuttoned at the chest. He also has a fetish for ‘wild’ accessories like rings of all sorts and rubber or leather wristbands.

According to Maksim, while he does have a stylist back in London, his public image has been his very own creation. He says he has always dressed like that.

“My stylist helps me buy my clothes and accessories. I’m not really into branded goods. Sometimes I get what I like from the market.”

“However, most of my wadrobe is Christian Dior because they have been sponsoring my clothes ever since I became an artiste.”

“It’s my style, but you can also say that it’s a tactic to grab the younger generation’s attention and make them show some interest in classical music. They can relate to someone who looks like them.”

“I always dress like this during classical performances, even way back (when I wasn’t famous.) Sure, the purists disagree, but they’re a small number. That’s the way I am. Besides, I hate suits.”

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