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Maksim Mrvica ends his world tour in Dubrovnik's Quarry
From, 18 July 2004.

Maksim Mrvica, world pianist crossover sensation, finished his world tour last night right here in Dubac quarry in Dubrovnik. Almost two thousand people gave him a ten minute applause after the excellent concert, and Mrvica promised to come back to Dubrovnik already next summer.

Moreover, before the beginning of his concert. This native Šibenik pianist managed to open the exhibition which is a project in cooperation with 44th International Children's Festival in Šibenik.

Mrvica came to Sponza Palace Atrium just before the beginning of the sound rehearsal, and was met by his numerous devotees who passionately wanted his autographe.

During the exhibition opening ceremony, Mrvica expressed a great gratitude to the International Children's Festival Šibenik because it is within its programme that he held his first concerts... He actually performed at ICF even three times, while the last night's concert was the first at Dubrovnik Summer Festival, and the fourth in Dubrovnik in general. However, after the great reception of Dubrovnik's audience, we are sure it is not the last.

28 year old Croatian pianist and EMI Classics artist Maksim Mrvica has sold more records with his debut release, The Piano Player in Hong Kong and Taiwan than many popular Canto - Pop, Mandarin and big name international artists.

In fact so far The Piano Player has gone gold in Singapore, Malaysia and The People's Republic of China, platinum in Taiwan and Croatia, double platinum in Hong Kong.

Through his many appearances in TV programmes, shopping malls and radio interviews, Maksim topped the HMV International charts in Hong Kong for 12 solid weeks last year, outselling many releases by top Canto - pop artists. And following a performance in the territory on Christmas Eve, the album jumped back to number one, displacing Dido from the top spot in the process.

Part of the atmosphere from the exhibition in Sponza and from the concert in quarry can be seen in our section