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Rumour Alert!

  • Some people claim that Maksim plays the piano too fast (78 beats/minute if I'm not wrong) and that he's actually using hypnotism!
  • Maksim did not compose the theme song for the 2004 Athens Olympics
      ~ Olympic Dreams was composed by David Essex, an Englishman.
  • A certain manager of a Maksim MSN Group said that he was to perform at the opening of the 2004 Summer Olmypics
      ~ truth is, the media didn't even know who was performing till the ceremony itself!
  • Interesting Maksim Bits

  • A Taiwanese television production company once offered Maksim a guest part on a series it was producing - Maksim turned it down.
  • Maksim's favourite track on his second international album, Variations I & II is Totentaz.
  • Maksim's first Malay words were "Tak Nak" (literal translation: Don't want. Guess the Malaysian government's anti-smoking campaign is working.)
  • Maksim likes skateboarding and has broken his right arm 3 times already!
  • Maksim's name is of Russian origin and means 'the greatest' (From Roman: Maximus)
  • In fact, his last name, Mrvica, means crumb in Croatian, so a literary translation of his name would be: The Greatest Crumb!!
  • Maksim says he'll make a lousy piano teacher: because he's impatient and has a bad temper.
  • Maksim smokes. (Well, he can't be an angel 100% of the time!)
  • Serbo-Croat is actually the root language of Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian, so Maksim can speak all 3 in one go!
  • If Maksim had not played the piano, he'd really be the male version of Vanessa Mae (he'd play the violin, that is.)
  • Ana is 1 year older than him.
  • She's also a law graduate.
  • Maksim's fathers and brothers served in the Croatian civil war (but I don't know who's side they're on.)
  • Maksim likes Japanese food.
  • He doesn't like food that's too healthy for him (eg. vege, fruits, soup.)
  • Maksim's fingers can stretch for 11 keys (Quoting Maksim: C to F......and sometimes G)
  • That means the length of his thumb to his little finger is 9 inches.
  • Maksim's got a tattoo of an ankh on the nape of his neck.
  • Ankhs represent immortality!
  • You found one! The letter N!

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