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There's a Chinese version of Claudine out in the market, and it's sung by Edmund Leung from Hong Kong. According to, Edmund was so captivated by Maksim's performance of Claudine that he asked Maksim's permission to do a lyrical version in Mandarin. The result? A bittersweet ballad called Xin Wang Ai, or Trust in Love. Maksim accompanies Edmund on the piano.

As the lyrics are in Mandarin, and this server doesn't support Chinese characters, I've done a translation for the sake of non-Chinese readers. Hope you like it. ;)

Trust In Love (a lyrical version of Claudine)
Composed by: Tonci Huljic, Lyrics by: Lin Dai, Performed by: Edmund Leung and Maksim Mrvica

Like the spring rain at morn, tears remain unshed; Maybe you still don't believe, that everything must come to an end.
Spirits fallen, companions dead, maybe everyone will leave too.
But I have learnt to cherish, the trials and tribulations of love.

Heroic deeds surround us, scattering under the scorching sun; Dreaming of you here, but whenceforth have you gone to?
If you should ever face this, don't turn back again. Fight, why not go down fighting?
I might meet with your disapproval, why not let's be honest?

* Every season of the past I've walked this path with you,
Tomorrow is just another dance in a circle, it needs two pairs of hands - one left, one right - don't fall.
My dear, you and I have fallen, have continued our journey, just another dance in the circles of time.
In trust and hope, our love now lost, no way to dance no more.

In the empty sky surrounding the harbour, the clouds are dancing; Maybe you, too, believe memories do not hurt.
As the city closes in, you have no choice; When you're free, drop me a line.
Maybe you've got a new future, full of colour and confidence.

Repeat *

Lanterns hanging thousands of feet high, proudly gaze upon the street; This gaping hole between us, depends on us to mend it.
Merry Christmas, happiness to you and me, noone's got an end to their problems.
To wish you luck with warmth, I hand over my heart.

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