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Contact Maksim

All correspondence should be sent to:

Maksim Mrvica
PO Box 363
United Kingdom

Please follow the following guidelines when writing:

Send a Self Addressed Envelope:
Minimum size 22cm x 11 cm, properly addressed with country and country code.

**THREE OFFICIAL INTERNATIONAL REPLY coupons for those living outside the UK
**TWO official International reply coupons for those living in Europe
**and for those in the UK a stamped addressed envelope

More info about International Reply Coupons here and here.

Please note: Maksim may only see a small proportion of the most interesting and genuine fan letters. Please try not to send gifts as it is often not possible to forward these.

Please, for the sake of ALL fans waiting for a response and Maksim, who most likely has to read all these himself, or his fanmail team (if he has one,) if you receive a reply, please DO NOT write again. Furthermore, I really wanna make it VERY clear that I am NOT Maksim, nor do I work for him, so don't send me fanmail and expect me to give it to him. If I'm nice, you get a nice reminder ... if I'm not, beware.

Tried it and did it work? Tell the Maksim staff if you've got a reply.