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Maksim's Education

Unlike most teens, Maksim didn't have your typical high school education.
You see, Croatia was part of Yugoslavia until quite recently, and then a civil war broke out in 1990, when Maksim was 15. So I guess he didn't have much of a chance to study in a "conventional" school.
As Yugoslavia was a communist country then, music wasn't exactly given lots of priority either, which is why he had to spend most of his music learning in the basement.


  • Specialised Musical Education under Prof. Marija Sekso in Sibenik.
  • Music Academy (University of Zagreb) under Vladmir Kirpan.
  • Music College Liszt Ferenc (Budapest, Hungary) under Laszlo Baranyay
  • Alexander Skrjabin Conservatory (Paris, France) under Igor Laszko
  • international Masters Classes under Semiom Balshem, Edit Picht-Axenfeld, Nina Kazimirova, Sergej Senkov, Christine Paraschos and Virginio Pavarana.
  • he's a qualified Piano teacher, but he can't teach because of his temper (as if he would need to.)
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